Favourite links

Research tools

University of Toronto Libararies.

EEB seminar schedule. Everyone should attend. Join us at the GSU after the Friday seminar!

Field station locator.

FReD. Floral reflectance database.

Key Journals

Some of the journals we check regularly

Trends in Ecology & Evolution



Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Some of our friends

Thomson Lab, University of Toronto.

Stinchcombe Lab, University of Toronto. We share labspace.

Barrett Lab, University of Toronto.

Koffler Scientific Reserve. This is where we work. Art's the director.

Churchill Northern Studies Centre. This is where Geoff works.

Fun science stuff

Amazing biology animations. Be sure to check out the evolution timeline.

You-tube science videos. Morgan Freeman? Julia Childs? Who better to teach science?

Evolution videos by PBS.

Fun non-science stuff

Because sometimes you need a break

Drench: Paint the wall in 30 moves or less. Start in the top left corner.

Robinwords Game. Word nerds.

Trek. Explore the world.

Lionel Ritchie.  Is it me you're looking for?

Athletic Centre hours, pool hours, and women-only hours. Get away from the desk.