Rowan Sage


The R. Sage research program addresses the relationship between photosynthetic systems and the environment. Our current research emphasis is how C4 photosynthesis evolved, how human-caused global change is influencing the Earth's biota, and how humanity can use plants to alleviate global challenges such as climate change and food shortages. We are currently increasing our emphasis on discovering new ways to exploit photosynthetic systems to address the major challenges facing humanity and the biosphere. These include developing bioenergy systems to replace fossil fuels and improving photosynthesis to ensure we can feed the Earth's population in the coming decades.

Prospective undergraduate students, graduate students, recent Ph.D's or sabbatical colleagues interested in pursuing research in the R. Sage lab should contact Rowan Sage by e-mail and describe which aspect of the Sage lab research they are most interested in pursuing.

Rowan Sage

Sage Lab Research Interests

  • Plant Physiological Ecology
  • Whole Plant Physiology
  • Photosynthetic Responses to the Environment
  • Global Change Biology
  • Bioenergy
Rowan Sage

Current Projects

  • The evolution of C4 photosynthesis.
  • The performance of C4 bioenergy crops in cold climates.
  • Engineering of C4 photosynthesis into rice.
  • The refixation of photorespired CO2 in C3 plants.
  • The potential productivity of macroalgae in open ocean bioenergy farms.