We are based in the Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto. Our research blends ecology and its applications to problems of sustainability, particularly in the areas of biodiversity conservation, food security, and infectious disease. Species and systems we work on include fishes, marine mammals, marine invertebrates, water fleas (Daphnia), parasites (from viruses to ectoparasites), and mathematical models.


Media Highlights

UofT: Rhodes scholarship for Jessica Phillips!

Steph raps her PhD. Nice dance moves team!

CBS and Scientific American: Devin Kirk on spiders trashing the nests of their lover

Radio New Zealand and ODT: Stefan Meyer on sea lion conservation

Stefan on sea lions on the evening news

Vancouver Sun and G&M: Sean Godwin on sockeye and lice

UofT: Sloan Fellowship in Ocean Science for MK

Washington Post and Seattle Times: Salmon sustainability

Scotland Herald: Sea lice and salmon mortality in Ireland

NY Times: Exotic disease threat to Pacific salmon

NPR: Sustainability of salmon aquaculture

G&M and CBC: Rebuilding wild salmon with parasite control

BBC: Parasites depress Atlantic salmon stocks in Europe








U of T

Field Station: Much of our research on Pacific salmon is based at the Salmon Coast Field Station located in the Canadian islands somewhere in the picture above. Check out the SCFS website to learn more about our research, programs, and community in this remote area of the BC coast.

Our new book Conservation of Freshwater Fishes co-edited by Gerry Closs and Julian Olden is now available from Cambridge University Press.

Freshwater fishes are the most speciose group of vertebrates. They also inhabit the most degraded habitats on earth that absorb many anthropogenic impacts but also provide food and water to billions of people. The book covers multi-disciplinary aspects of biology and management, providing a synthesis of the current state of the conservation of freshwater fishes that is both sobering and hopeful.

Vignette: Here is a showcase of our new collaborative field research program on juvenile salmon ecology with Salmon Coast Field Station and the Hakai Institute featuring our field crews and research mothership Madrona.


Lab News:
~ Jessy wins a Rhodes scholarship!
~ Tula Foundation project on juvenile salmon begins
~ Abby Daigle wins NSERC USRA
~ Lindsey Ogston defends MSc - congrats Lindsey!
~ MK gives the Stevenson Lecture at the CCFFR
~ MEOPAR grant on spatial marine disease dynamics successful
~ MK joins the editorial board of Proc R Soc B
~ MK joins the editorial board of CJFAS
~ Sean Godwin wins the Peter A. Larkin Award for Excellence in Fisheries
~ Sean Godwin wins a W. Garfield Weston Scholarship
~ MK receives a Connaught New Researcher Award
~ Luke Rogers receives a Hakai Fellowship and NSERC PGSM Scholarship
~ Jessica receives an NSERC USRA to join us this summer
~ Andrew Bateman receives an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship
~ MK receives a Sloan Fellowship in Ocean Science
~ Andrew Bateman receives a Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship
~ MK part of successful NSERC Strategic Grant on herring conservation

News Archive (media, awards, grants, new papers, more...)

New research funding
- NSERC Discovery Grant awarded for applications of ecology to conservation, epidemiology, and fisheries
- NSERC RTI Grant awarded for tracking equipment animal movement (with UofT colleagues)
- Norwegian Research Council grant to study salmon host-parasite dynamics (with European colleagues)

New plubications by students!
- Luke Rogers leads paper on parasite population dynamics and salmon conservation in PLoS ONE
- Alistair Senior leads paper on using sex changed fish for biological control in Biological Invasions
- Sourav Paul leads paper on osmoregulation and coexistence of mysids in Marine & Freshwater Research

Sean Godwin wins an NSERC IPS scholarship to study disease ecology of sockeye salmon. Congrats Sean![

Manna Warburton wins award for the best student presentation in the conservation section of the NZ Freshwater Biology conference. Congrats Manna!

New publication by Steph Peacock in Ecological Applications indicates that careful parasite management on salmon farms is linked to improved survival of wild salmon in British Columbia. See press in the G&M and CBC.

New publication by MK and European colleagues in the Proceedings of the Royal Society reports experimental evidence that parasites have a major impact on salmon recruitment, fisheries, and conservation in the Northeast Atlantic. See press at BBC.

New publication by Brendan Connors suggests ocean scale competition and local disease pressure act synergistically to drive the decline of an iconic salmon stock in Canada - now in Conservation Letters... and it made the cover!

Gayle Somerville wins a best poster award for her work modeling Paua fisheries at the NZ-Aus Marine Science Meeting. Congrats Gayle!

Anthea Ibell wins the Austral-Asia Rolex Our World Underwater Scholarship - an opportunity of a lifetime to explore and study marine systems around the world via SCUBA. Congrats Anthea!

Its a bit old now, but some of our work on Pacific salmon and parasitic copepods has made the news, including The New York Times, The Economist, Science, Nature, and others.