Procrustes Analysis and PROTEST

Procrustes Analysis (least-squares orthogonal mapping) is a method of comparing two sets of data. Simply put, the method is based on matching corresponding points (landmarks) from each of the two data sets. When dealing with morphometric data, these landmarks represent points or physical locations (e.g. centre of the eye) on individuals. Corresponding landmarks would be the same landmark on two different individuals. With community ecology studies, the two sets of landmarks might represent results from an ordination of species at the various sampling sites and an ordination of the environment at the various sites, or the original environmental data. The landmarks are the sampling locations.

What happens in Procrustes Analysis?

What is PROTEST or PROcrustean randomization TEST?

Mantel Test versus PROTEST

Selected Bibliography of Procrustes in Ecology & Evolution

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  • By Donald A. Jackson, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto

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