Crataegus section Douglasii

North American Black-Fruited Hawthorns1

I. Variation in Floral Construction, Breeding System Correlates, and Their Possible Evolutionary Significance in Crataegus sect. Douglasii Loudon

Folia Geobotanica & Phytotaxonomica 31: 355-371 (1996)

Crataegus suksdorfii (Sarg.) Kruschke; Photo © Rhoda M. Love 1997
These web pages reproduce the article cited above, by T. A. Dickinson, S. Belaoussoff, R. M. Love & M. Muniyamma, with permission of the publisher.

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This article was also published as pp. 81-97 in Apomixis and Taxonomy, the proceedings of a symposium of the same name, edited by A. J. Richards, J. Kirschner, J. Stepanek & K. Marhold, and published by Opulus Press, Uppsala, 1996. A PDF file of this article is now available, and can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

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Note: Full-size specimen images for the vouchers in the preceding two publications are now accessible courtesy of the University of Toronto Libraries. Find TRT specimen barcode numbers in the text (Phytokeys), or in the supplementary data files that are linked from the online article text (AoB Plants), and enclose them with "" and ".JPG" as shown so as to form a URL. The holotype of Crataegus ninae-celottiae is TRT00002197; the image of this specimen is located at

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