Adam White Esq., F.L.S


Adam White was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on April 29th, 1817. At the age 18, he accepted a position with the British Museum’s Zoology Department. He held this position until 1863 when he retired due to depression. Adam White was also a member of the Linnaean Society from 1846 to 1855, as well as a member of the Entomological society of London from 1839 to 1863. Entomology was Adam White’s particular area of expertise and interest. He wrote upwards of 60 papers on insects and crustaceans between 1839 and 1861.
As a member of the British Museum, Adam White assisted in the curation of many specimens brought back from British Expeditions. Some of the more notable expeditions included the voyage of the H.M.S Beagle to Australia, the Franklin Search Expedition (1850-1851), and the Antarctic voyage of the H.M.S Erebus and the H.M.S. Terror. The specimens contained in this scrapbook were compiled from the 1850 Franklin Search Expedition. The scrapbook was donated to the ROM by members of Adam White’s family residing in Toronto.




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