Adam White, a nineteenth century British entomologist, compiled a scrapbook of plant specimens acquired from explorers and fellow scientists. THe scrapbook was donated to what is now the ROM Green Plant Herbarium (TRT) by one of Adam White's descendants who resided in Toronto.The scrapbook includes specimens of plants and lichens, sketches, prints, letters, and watercolours. This material originated from several Royal Navy expeditions sent to search for the ill-fated Franklin party in the Canadian Arctic during the 1850s. The scrapbook was partially catalogued in 1936 by Nicholas Polunin, a botanist working at Harvard University's Gray Herbarium. Polunin identified specimens, updated their taxonomic nomenclature and briefly described the scrapbook and its specimens in the journal Rhodora(vol. 38, December, 1936). The Canadian Eastern Arctic material on this web site has been arranged both taxonomically and sequentially. The ROM Green Plant Herbarium has another Adam White scrapbook that was previously documented by two other University of Toronto students.

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