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The scrapbook contains 80 specimens, representing at least 60 species and 29 families. The following is a list of all the specimens contained within the scrapbook, organized according to its collector and location of collection, as well as its family and genus names. Each specimen is displayed on an individual web page, and is given its own Green Plant Herbarium (TRT) accession number. For specimens mounted alongside other specimens on a scrapbook page, a link is provided to view the entire scrapbook page.

The current scientific names of the specimens are provided on this and the following pages. Additional information of the collector, collection date, and the location of the collection will be provided if indicated in the scrapbook. For specimens whose family, genus, or species name has changed since its identification in the scrapbook, the initial names used will also be provided.

Type specimens are indicated by double asterisks (**). Specimens with a single asterisk (*) are presumed to have been collected by a particular collector; there is no explicit reference in the scrapbook.

Joseph Woods

mountain ranges in France and Italy [map]
Allium chamaemoly
Androsace carnea
Androsace villosa*
Androsace vandellii
Arenaria grandiflora
Arenaria purpurascens
Arenaria ciliata
Campanula alpestris
Campanula alpestris
Campanula cenisii
Cerastium latifolium
Galium pyrenaicum
Gentiana bavarica
Gentiana verna*
Herniaria alpina
Lychnis alpina
Minuartia mutabilis
Moneses uniflora
Myosotis nana
Orthilia secunda
Paronychia polygonifolia
Paronychia nivea
Paronychia echinulata
Saxifraga androsacea*
Saxifraga biflora
Saxifraga bryoides
Saxifraga caespitosa or groenlandica*
Saxifraga retusa
Sedum tenuifolium
Silene acaulis
Silene ciliata
Valeriana celtica
Veronica ponae
Veronica allionii*
Veronica alpina
Viola cenisia

J.D. Hooker

Cape Horn [map]
Berberis parvifolia
Caltha dioneaefolia*
Caltha sagittata*
Colobanthus subulatus* **
Myzodendron brachystachyum*

Falkland Islands [map]
Abrotanella emarginata*
Acaena lucida*
Alopecurus antarticus
Armeria macloviana
Bolax gummifera*
Calceolaria fothergillii
Gaimardia australis*
Hymenophyllum falklandicum*
Montia fontana*
Pernettya pumila*
Polystichum mohrioides (Bory) K. Presl.
Primula magellanica
Primula magellanica
Primula magellanica
Serpyllopsis caespitosum

Hermite Island [map]
Asplenium dareoides
Astelia pumila
Berberis ilicifolia
Drapetes muscosa
Empetrum rubrum
Fagus betuloides
Fagus antartica
Pernettya mucronata
Plantago barbata

Kerguelen Island [map]
Azorella selago**
Lyallia kerguelensis**

W.C. Hewitson

Gentiana bavarica*
Maianthemum bifolium*
Moneses uniflora*
Orchis nigrita*

H. Bonar

unidentified moss
unidentified moss*

Robert Brown

Mont-Dore, Auvergne
Gymnostomum ?lapponicum

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This site is the product of a Research Opportunity Program 299Y Project carried out by T.Kovinthan and M.Tse in the Department of Botany of the University of Toronto during the 2001-2002 academic year. The work was done in the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology of the Royal Ontario Museum under the supervision of T.A. Dickinson, curator of the ROM Green Plant Herbarium (TRT). The Adam White scrapbooks are part of the Green Plant Herbarium's collection of Victorian and later scrapbook herbaria.

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