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Below: bottom of the north slope of Hog House Hill, Portland Parish, Jamaica. © T. A. Dickinson 1986. Below: transect across the south slope of Hog House Hill, Portland Parish, Jamaica. Click on the image to see a larger version (196K, 1040 x 740 pixels); both images © T. A. Dickinson 1986. In the center of the upper portion, the human figure standing on the limestone outcrop in the central portion provides scale.
Below: hollow trunk of Guarea swartzii split to show roots growing into internal soil column from adjacent trees (Dickinson & Tanner 1978). © T. A. Dickinson 1986.

Key to the species in the transect diagram: Vertical hatching, Calophyllum calaba; horizontal hatching, Omphalea triandra; dotted, Macrocnemum jamaicense. Other species are identified by abbreviations of their genera (names as in Appendix 1 of Kelly et al. 1988).

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