Reynald Tremblay

undergraduate researcher


I am an undergraduate student doing a fourth year research project in Dr. Nancy Denglerís lab. My project focuses on heteroblastic variation in leaf vein pattern in Arabidopsis. I am comparing the development of vein density in juvenile, adult rosette and cauline leaves, using the ATHB-8::GUS expression as an early marker of vein formation. I am interested in the plasticity of vein pattern development and am growing plants under altered light quality and quantity. Iím also interested in the relationship between leaf shape and vein pattern and am comparing vein pattern of a number of Arabidopsis.


I am interested in plant development in general, particularly combining structural analysis with molecular methods. Iíve had experience in a range of laboratory techniques, including growing plants, preparation of tissue for light microscopy, image analysis using the light microscope, in situ immunolocalization, and computer analysis and graphics. I have a good course background in plant development, pathology, anatomy, morphology, systematics, taxonomy, ecology, physiology and mycology.