Research Assistants


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Interested in learning about research while getting paid?
These paid positions are available during the academic year (September to early March).   The U of T Career Center web site lists eligibility criteria, pay rates and other details about the Work-Study Program.  Apply for positions in my lab by sending your resume and a cover letter as early as possible in the fall (  Apply early! - I usually fill up the positions by mid-September.

Positions available for 2005-06:

2006.WC.0434 (2 positions)    Aquatic Ecology - Eutrophication

2006.WC.0440 (2 positions)  Aquatic Ecology - Sediment Analyses

2006.WC.0433 (2 positions)  Aquatic Ecology - Algae


    12 hours a week (flexible after initial training); 180 hours total

    $9.60 per hour + 4% vacation pay (~$10 per hour)


     Reliable, meticulous, hard working science student

    Qualify for OSAP (or letter of eligibility from UTAPS)

    Registered for at least 60% of a full course load




Send your resume and a cover letter to Prof. H. Cyr, ASAP but before the end of September. ( or drop off in my mailbox in Ramsay Wright Zool. Labs room 401)


SUMMER RESEARCH ASSISTANT POSITIONS  I sometimes hire Research Assistants to do field work and/or laboratory analyses during the summer.  These positions are generally advertized in late-February or early March.