Graduate Students



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I encourage graduate students to develop their project on any aspect of my research program.   

Please contact me in the fall or early winter to discuss possibilities.  Application deadline in our department is in February.


Current Students:

Shelley K. McCabe (M.Sc.) The importance of environmental fluctuations from internal waves to benthic algal community structure.  (2004-present)

Former Students:

Steve C. Walker (M.Sc.) Testing and extending the neutral theory of biodiversity in lake communities. (2003-2005)

Deb J. Walks (Ph.D.) The origin and dynamics of river plankton. (1998-2002, graduated 2003)

Sarah Kalhok (M.Sc.) Influence of biological factors on cadmium bioaccumulation and metallothionein concentrations in natural populations of the freshwater mussel Pyganodon grandis.  (1995-1997, graduated 1998)