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CodonsGamma17 calculates the maximum likelihood surface of g=4Nes for selection on preferred codons. It is a Perl script that evaluates polymorphism data based on the approach of McVean & Charlesworth (1999) as implemented in Cutter & Charlesworth (2006) and Cutter (2008). The accompanying zip file contains the Perl script, a limited documentation file, an example input file, and example output files.



We have compiled a customizable Google Map for many of the wild strains of Caenorhabditis species that we have in the lab, or that we have worked with previously. Our global map now includes strains for nearly 30 species. For a searchable database of many wild isolates, we recommend the Felix lab strain database.

Map of wild isolates for all Caenorhabditis species

We previously made individual species maps, which are now superceded by our integrated strain maping webpage. However, we include these links as a legacy. If you have a Google account, you can save the links to these maps to your account or import them into Google Earth. If you make maps for your strains, please let us know!

C. brenneri map of wild isolates 

C. briggsae map of wild isolates

C. elegans map of wild isolates

C. remanei map of wild isolates

C. sp. 5 map of wild isolates

C. sp. 9 map of wild isolates


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