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Cutter_P1040683_sm2.jpg Asher Cutter

Research interests include: Evolutionary Genomics; Breeding Systems; Population Genetics; Molecular Evolution; Speciation; Caenorhabditis spp.

Jalina.jpgJalina Bielaska-Da Silva
PhD student

Jalina is working on speciation genetics.

Ting_P1040497.jpg Ting Liu

Ting is working on genome analysis of Caenorhabditis.

Santiago_sm.jpgSantiago Sanchez
EEB Postdoctoral Fellow

Santiago is studying genome evolution in Caenorhabditis.

Rebecca.jpg Rebecca Schalkowski
PhD student

Rebecca is studying speciation with Caenorhabditis.


Michael_sm.jpgMichael Betlej
Undergraduate student (ROP299 2018)

Michael is working on sperm cell biology.
Evelyn_sm.jpgEvelyn Cheng
Undergraduate student (2018)
Lin_sm.jpgLin Ji
Undergraduate student (2018)
Amanda_sm.jpgAmanda Peake
Undergraduate student (EEB397 2018)

Amanda is working on Caenorhabditis speciation.
Rachel_sm.jpgRachel Woo
Undergraduate student (BCB330 2018)

Rachel is working on regulatory motif evolution.


Former graduate students and postdocs:

Rosalind Murray
MSc (2009)

Ros studied C. elegans sperm-related evolution in her MSc thesis. She is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Sterling with Luc Bussiere.

Joanna Kozlowska
MSc (2011)

Joanna studied the genetics of reproductive isolation between Caenorhabditis species in her MSc thesis. She is now a high school science teacher.

Deepthi Rajagopalan
MSc (2012)

Deepthi studied the evolution of sex-biased genes in Caenorhabditis in her MSc thesis, using next-gen transcriptome sequencing. She is now working as a bioinformatician at SickKids Hospital.

Mark Lojacono
MSc (2013)

Mark studied the genetics of fecundity variation in C. briggsae in his MSc thesis. He is now a high school science teacher.

Alivia Dey
PhD (2013)

Alivia's PhD thesis investigated the molecular population genetics and species divergence of obligatorily outbreeding Caenorhabditis. She is now a postdoc with Amro Zayed at York University.

Stephanie Mark
MSc (2016)

Stephanie's bioinformatics MSc thesis quantified differential expression of the C. briggsae transcriptome as a function of genotype and environmental rearing temperature. She is now in a bioinformatics internship at the Ontario Brain Institute.

Gregory Stegeman
PhD (2017)

Greg's PhD thesis investigated the genetics of temperature-dependent nematode behavior, primarily in C. briggsae. Greg was co-advised by Will Ryu (Physics).

Joanna Bundus
PhD (2017)

Joanna's PhD thesis investigated the genetics of reproductive isolation in Caenorhabditis. She is now a postdoc with Scott Rifkin at UCSD.

Janice Ting
PhD (2018)

Janice's PhD thesis investigated gametic reproductive isolation in Caenorhabditis

Cristel Thomas
Postdoc (2012-2013)

Cristel studied population genomics and genome evolution.

Jeremy Gray
Postdoc (2012-2015)

Jeremy studied speciation and trait mapping.

Richard Jovelin
Postdoc (2010-2015)

Richard studied molecular population genetics and genome evolution.


So many amazing former undergraduates, techs and visiting scientists!

homesummary + projectspublicationscvcontact info

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