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Cutter_P1040683_sm2.jpg Asher Cutter

Research interests include: Evolutionary Genomics; Breeding Systems; Population Genetics; Molecular Evolution; Speciation; Caenorhabditis spp.

JoannaB.JPG Joanna Bundus
PhD student

Joanna is studying Caenorhabditis speciation genetics.

Ting_P1040497.jpg Ting Liu

Ting is working on genome analysis of Caenorhabditis.

StephM.jpg Stephanie Mark
MSc student

Stephanie is studying genome evolution.

Rebecca.jpg Rebecca Schalkowski
PhD student

Rebecca is studying speciation with Caenorhabditis.

Gregory Stegeman
PhD student

Greg is investigating the genetic basis to natural phenotypic variation in temperature-dependent behavioral traits in C. briggsae (in collaboration with Will Ryu).

Janice.JPG Janice Ting
PhD student

Janice is studying the evolution of pre-zygotic reproductive isolation in Caenorhabditis


herm_full1.jpgJulian Bermudez
Lab fix-it guy (2016)
Chloe_P1040487.jpg Chloe Melo-Gavin
Undergraduate student (NSERC summer research fellow 2016)

Chloe is studying the genetics and evolution of reproductive isolation.
Norah_P1040476.jpg Norah Nastamagos
Undergraduate student (2016)
Naina.jpg Naina Singh
Undergraduate student (BCB330 2015, BCB430 2016)

Naina is working on de novo genome assembly and analysis.
herm_full1.jpg Dana Wu
Undergraduate student (2016)


Former graduate students and postdocs:

Rosalind Murray
MSc (2009)

Ros studied C. elegans sperm-related evolution in her MSc thesis. She is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Sterling with Luc Bussiere.

Joanna Kozlowska
MSc (2011)

Joanna studied the genetics of reproductive isolation between Caenorhabditis species in her MSc thesis. She is now a high school science teacher.

Deepthi Rajagopalan
MSc (2012)

Deepthi studied the evolution of sex-biased genes in Caenorhabditis in her MSc thesis, using next-gen transcriptome sequencing. She is now working as a bioinformatician at SickKids Hospital.

Mark Lojacono
MSc (2013)

Mark studied the genetics of fecundity variation in C. briggsae in his MSc thesis. He is now a high school science teacher.

Alivia Dey
PhD (2013)

Alivia's PhD thesis investigated the molecular population genetics and species divergence of obligatorily outbreeding Caenorhabditis. She is now a postdoc with Amro Zayed at York University.

Cristel Thomas
Postdoc (2012-2013)

Cristel studied population genomics and genome evolution.

Jeremy Gray
Postdoc (2012-2015)

Jeremy studied speciation and trait mapping.

Richard Jovelin
Postdoc (2010-2015)

Richard studied molecular population genetics and genome evolution.


So many amazing former undergraduates, techs and visiting scientists!

homesummary + projectspublicationscvcontact info

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