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Curriculum Vitae of
D. Cutter
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Centre for the Analysis of Genome Evolution and Function

Research Interests

Evolutionary Genomics; Breeding Systems; Population Genetics; Molecular Evolution; Speciation; Caenorhabditis spp.

Positions, Education and Training

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Issues & Academic Planning), Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto. 7.2019 – 6.2020.

Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies), Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto. 1.2017 – 6.2019.

Professor, University of Toronto. Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. 7.2016 – present.

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Evolutionary Genomics, University of Toronto. Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. 7.2011 – 6.2016.

Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Evolutionary Genomics, University of Toronto. Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. 7.2006 – 6.2011.

Postdoctoral NSF International Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh. Institute of Evolutionary Biology (mentor Dr. Deborah Charlesworth) 8.2004 – 6.2006.

Ph.D., University of Arizona. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (thesis advisors Drs. Leticia Avilés, Samuel Ward) 8.1998 – 5.2004

Fulbright Scholar, James Cook University, Australia. Dept. of Zoology & Tropical Ecology (non-degree advisor Dr. Christopher A.M. Reid) 7.1997 – 7.1998

B.S. summa cum laude, Tufts University. Biology and Environmental Studies (thesis advisor Dr. Sara M. Lewis) 9.1993 – 5.1997

School for Field Studies, Australia Centre for Rainforest Studies (non-degree advisor Dr. Michael P. Ghiglieri) 2.1996 – 5.1996


NSERC Discovery Grant (2007-present)

NIH (with P.I.s Patrick Phillips, William Cresko; 2011-2015)

NIH (with P.I. Bret Payseur; 2008-2013)

CFI/OIT Canada (2006-2007, 2011-2013)

Connaught Fund (2006, 2008)

Awards and Honors

Discovery Accelerator Award (2018-2021)

Canada Research Chair in Evolutionary Genomics (2006-2016)

Early Researcher Award (2008-2011)

UK Caenorhabditis Conference Poster Prize (2005)

NSF International Research Fellowship (2004)

Robert W. Hoshaw Memorial Award (University of Arizona, 2003)

Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship (1997)

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship in Mathematics, Science and Engineering (1996)

Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society (Tufts University)

Golden Key National Honor Society (Tufts University)

Professional Activities

Evolution & Ecology Section Co-Editor, WormBook (2015-present)

Associate Editor, Evolution (2010-2012)

Faculty of 1000 Member (2011-2014)

Publications [ISI ResearcherID[PubMed[Google Scholar]


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Principles of Evolution (EEB 318), University of Toronto
Evolutionary Genetics (EEB 323), University of Toronto
Research Issues in Ecology & Evolution (EEB 488), University of Toronto

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